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Welcome to ‘Anamatangi Polynesian Voices’ website. As you scroll through our site, I hope you will get the sense of dedication, commitment and enthusiasm in supporting the physical, mental, spiritual well being of the Pacific Islander families and low income families in South San Mateo County. You will have the opportunity to see the successful efforts of ‘Anamatangi Polynesian Voices. It is through this work we will grow personally and professionally and add to our call of service.

Many of the directions we will take are aligned to the overall goal of centering community and relationships, the Board’s development activities and strategic planning. We will also continue to focus on the entire family, individualized programs within our target community according to the unique needs of the families. Leadership development continues as a priority for me. I encourage our staff and families to utilize the training and workshops as an investment into their future while contributing to the greater community.

 ‘Anamatangi Polynesian Voices enriches the lives of children and families through a firm belief in our FAITH IN GOD, L0VE FOR HUMANITY & RESPECT FOR OUR COMMUNITY!

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Executive Director's Say

"We need to stay rooted in our communities and responsive to children and the families we serve.."

How we help.

We Offer Services in these key areas

The ability to communicate properly and to understand is a powerful tool that's necessary!

Providing fair and equal access to information, workshops, educational components, and translation is a dire need for the Pacific Islander population and agencies that interact with our population.

Social and Environmental Justice Programs

‘Anamatangi believes in Environmental Justice. The fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.

The Parent Project is a free, 12-week course that is offered in English, Tongan and Samoan to anyone who cares.

Parents learn parenting skills and get information about resources and other support available in their communities.

Juvenile/ Young Adult At Risk Case Management

Re-education of parents, young offenders, and juvenile of the system on how to navigate the County internetworks. Reduce negative family dynamic situations.

Cultural Education and Enrichment Programs

‘Anamantagi Polynesian Voices provides unique opportunities for Pacific Island communities to engage in cultural strategies to strengthen advocacy, influence policy and advance equity to ensure small community groups are valued for their contributions.

San Mateo’s County: Pacific Islander Know Your Rights Initiative (PIKYRI) Counseling/Advocacy

Pacific Islanders make up almost 10% of the community and have immigration issues that are similar to those of many other immigrants in our local communities.
Educated by lawyers on their rights, and since early 2018
Mental health referred individuals taken to treatment centers.
Teens have been counseled and educated in schools and workshops.
Youths and parents are capable of undertaking “community-based research”
Parents have been trained in parenting skills since 2020.
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Stories that help the community

To enjoy the beautiful  & amazing session,  click here to the soundtrack.


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The first time the streets flooded, Appollonia Grey ‘Uhilamoelangi, known as Mama Dee in her East Palo Alto community, got a little nostalgic. The weather, though severely inclement, at least reminded her of home in Samoa.

“That time I was very happy,” ‘Uhilamoelangi said, about her first Bay Area deluge. “I was outside swimming in the rain, playing in the rain. There was water everywhere.”


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