Cultural Education Services

Cultural Education and Enrichment

‘Anamantagi Polynesian Voices provides unique opportunities for Pacific Island communities to engage in cultural strategies to strengthen advocacy, influence policy and advance equity to ensure small community groups are valued for their contributions. It is the hope to build collaboration, align resources and work side by side with partner organizations to bring in valuable services to serve the needs of Pacific Island Children and their families.

‘Anamatangi Polynesian Voices is a cultural collaboration of concerned Pacific Islanders residing in East Palo Alto to pull together and align resources and skills to work with children and youth through educational and cultural programs. Culture component involves weekly activities, prayer/meditation, history/genealogy, storytelling/narrative, Tongan and Samoan languages classes.

Cultural Training – Understanding their roots, cultural practices including family orientation and traditions. Engage youth in conversation about their culture and values and while mainstreaming actions in their daily lives with their families.
Music/Singing – The island life, we communicate thru music and dancing. The Anamatangi Polynesian Voices will provide the opportunity for the youths of Samoa and Tongan here in the Bay Area to engage in cultural activities and education. The organization will provide free training on the following Instruments including brass, trumpets, trombones, saxophone, guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums and ukulele, vocal training.

Dancing -The youth will have the opportunity to participate and learn traditional dances from elders and community volunteers. There will be group dancing activities and the goal of a youth dancing group to perform during cultural events.  As they participate in the group, the goal is for the youth to understand and value their heritage and art of their culture.

Literacy – Will comprise of programs helping youths with reading skills in English, Samoan, and Tongan.  A strategy to encourage students to learn to read and speak their mother tongue and assisting in meeting grade-level English goals. Anamatangi will help them with reading skills teaching them phonics to enable them in an environment comfortable enough to let their guard down to be taught. Another component will be to encourage and practice creative writing and independent thinking skills.

Oral Tradition – Samoans and Tongans have a rich history steeped in oral tradition represented by family/village leadership and storytelling. Youth will be encouraged to practice being representatives of their families and community through oral expression and speech.

Weekly class schedules: 

  • Wednesday: Senior/Elders ‘Ako Ta Me’a (Senior Band classes) 2-3:30pm (limit under 10 participants)
  • Thursday: Youth Ukulele, Guitar and Piano Classes 2-4pm (limit under 10 participants)
  • Saturday: Culture Workshops and Dance Class - Ako Faiva outside of ‘Anamatangi 2-4pm (20 participants outside following CDC guidelines and social distancing.